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Intelsat General Awarded Air Force Contract to Study Commercialization of Satellite Control Network

BETHESDA, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Intelsat General Corp. (IGC) is one of four companies awarded a contract by the United States Air Force (USAF) to study the viability of using commercial facilities and operations expertise for the tracking, telemetry and command (TT&C) of government satellites.

The goal of the contract, known as the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN) Commercial Provisioning (CP) study, is to provide USAF Space Command with a detailed plan for leveraging commercial TT&C facilities and capabilities to substantially reduce operations and maintenance costs while enabling the government to meet national security space objectives and warfighter operational needs. The USAF has stated that a future space concept of operations could include a mix of government and commercial command and control networks.

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Boeing Commercial Satellite Services

  • By Braxton
  • Published December 19, 2014
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Boeing Commercial Satellite Services will work with the owners of satellite systems to market available bandwidth on active systems as well as to include hosted payloads on their future spacecraft. The new division will market the payloads to prospective customers in cooperation with the host satellites’ owners.

“The demand for satellite communications continues to be greater than the supply, and in 2010 we entered into an agreement with Inmarsat to assist them in leasing Ka-band services to the U.S. government and others,” said Cooning. “This business model can be applied to a commercial satellite operator interested in leasing service to governments.”